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They’re Precious, Too

They’re Precious, Too

It happens often that mentally challenged and considerably obese people are mocked and marginalized. They receive rude stares and remarks, as well as insensitive actions. Bullying occurs relative to them, also.

Mentally challenged and considerably obese people are precious, too. God’s love abundantly extends to them just as it does to the folks who don’t have such conditions.

Compassion is the godly order for all of humankind. We can do and express things that relieve such challenged people. We can smile, hug and assure them of the love of the Lord, and that we care. Actions often speak louder than words. Our compassionate words need “feet” that provide evidence of our love and consideration for folks who are often mocked.

Parents/guardians and other responsible adults should teach youth how to engage with people who are bullied and, overall, dismissed. Also, peers of bullied youth should speak up and demonstrate kindness towards them. There’s the saying that we lead by example. Our lifestyle postures should consistently reflect that we care. I applaud the loving, generous and kind people who already have postures that reach out with love actions towards those who are so often mistreated.

Parents and caretakers often are spiritually wounded and stressed by how their mentally challenged and considerably obese loved ones are treated. Also, caring for such people takes tolls on the spirits, minds and bodies of caretakers. They need relief, encouragement and help, too. We can sure ease their duties when we pitch in to assist. They need more times of relaxation.

In many instances, people aren’t sufficiently mindful that mentally challenged and obese folks are precious and treasured. And surely, they make valuable contributions. We all have talents; they are no exception. When their talents are recognized and commended, joy is what they experience.

What can we do to ease the issues of mentally challenged and considerably obese people? How can we make things more pleasurable and meaningful for them? What do they teach us? There’s so much that we can gain from engaging one with another. We need to appreciate more those who are different from us. Different certainly doesn’t mean less valuable.

God is watching and it so pleases our Lord when we are seen in consistently loving postures. Love benefits in manifold ways. It’s a win win when we choose to demonstrate it.

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