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Tribute to the Fourth of July

Tribute to the Fourth of July

We have God to thank
For our independence –
Thank you, Lord
For love, courage and hope –
We’re blessed to have freedom
To practice religion –
Thank you for such precious and joyous liberties

We’re grateful for the symbolism
of the red, white and blue,
including our flag with stars
representing of our union

We thank you, Lord
for the soldiers who serve to add
to the continued protection
of our great nation

We’re thankful for the assorted ways
to enjoy our families and other loved ones
because the precious gift of freedom
was granted us those many years ago

We appreciate the fun, food
and fireworks displays that annually occur
in honor of our independence

Yes, dear Lord, thank you for another
Fourth of July and for all of the bountiful
things that you’ve lovingly
and generously bestowed upon us.

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