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What Does Real Love look Like?

What Does Real Love look Like?

I saw her across the room
I immediately began to pray
God, please, let this be her

I didn’t know her name
Or if she had arrived with
Someone else on her arm

I only knew
I needed to seize
The moment before
It passed by

A long story short
We wed several months later
And she was the most
Beautiful bride I’d seen

The envy of my friends
The Queen of the Prom
The joy of my life…
All in one

Until one day
A terrible crash
Lights of the ambulance
Paralyzed from
The waist down
Scarred features
On her face

She barely spoke
For a while
As I wondered
What to do
No one envied me
Or spoke of her beauty

Some stopped visiting
Or even bothering
To call
I could see it
In her eyes
The fear
The sadness
Her hope in us
Was gone

Dear Lord
What am I supposed to do
A fairy tale no more
Some suggest I leave her
To find someone new
What say You?

“Love her as I love you.”
Jesus replies
As it should be
From the start
Not for her looks
Fame or popularity
But for who she is
On the inside

A heart of gold
That loves you
And Me
Is more precious
Than any superficial

The first question
I need to ask
Dawned on me
Is my love for her

If you don’t know the answer
Someday you may
Life will reveal all things
Including the truth

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