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What Really Counts

What Really Counts

I had a dream, a wonderful dream. I must have been in a palace for everything around me shone with glory and splendour. Crystal goblets of wine were filled with the best wines and when the meal was served, I could hardly believe my eyes. All my favorite dishes were present and my mouth started to water.

Then there was the command, “Eat and be happy.”

So I ate and was happy. When the desserts came in I could hardly take another bite, and then…

…I heard the alarm clock. It was six in the morning and I awoke in my little corner in the attic. With a frustrated sigh, I slammed my fist on the alarm clock and crawled out of bed. My stomach was growling and I moved my weary body to the kitchen.

No kingly meal awaited me there. No exquisite dishes, no wines, no desserts…Nothing.
Thankfully, I still had a package of oatmeal.


The food in our dreams is just like the real thing. It tastes good and most of the time it even looks better than real food. The food in our dreams looks probably even better than what we get served on our birthdays, but there’s one obvious problem.

It doesn’t fill us up. It doesn’t give us any strength.

And that should make us think.

If we compare this story to the way we often try to still our human hunger for love and happiness we can draw a parallel. Everyone is searching for happiness and every person seeks to fill up that empty void deep within our human hearts. And just like the food in our dreams, that looks so incredibly good but doesn’t really fill us up; many things we live for are not really doing anything for us.

The Bible gives a clear indication when it states, ” Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal.”

Our bodies are earthly, and need earthly things to keep them going, that much is clear. But our spirit is spiritual and can only truly be satisfied with the Great Spirit who made our spirit. If we confuse these things and we chase after the wrong things to fill us up, just like the food in our dreams, we will wake up hungry when the alarm clock of life sounds at the end of our lives and we enter the eternal world of the spirit. We realize too late, we didn’t actually eat anything that was of true value.

It is the tragedy of life that many people have no idea why they are living and what is the goal. Life without a purpose and a reason isn’t really living. It merely is existing.

God gives our life purpose. He is the goal, the plan, and the vision. Everything comes from Him and everything should be centered around Him. Jesus came to earth to tell us that we are not just a random

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