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Why Did Jesus Die for Me?

Why Did Jesus Die for Me?

I saw You
Laying on the ground
Covered in blood
Flesh peeling back
Tears flowing

Why won’t You
Get up?
Why won’t You
Fight back?
Why don’t You
Use the power
You hold?
Hold back?

Over the years
I’ve struggled
To see the plan
To make sense
Of this
Yes, before I was born
I saw You
Suffer and die
For me

But this moment
Replays in my mind
Get up, Jesus
Defend yourself!
Unleash the wrath
You should have
Towards those
Who oppress You
They are Yours
They belong
To You

Don’t You remember
Don’t You see
The pain is too great
The suffering too long
Death too frightening
As it is for me

I ask once more
Why are You doing this?
Why are You taking
Such punishment?

In this very moment
You look up at me
To reply

“So you don’t have to.”

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