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Will Violence be the End of Our World?

Will Violence be the End of Our World?

How long are You going to allow the violence to go on? Look at us. Look at what we’re becoming. Is this the reason why the floods came, the Earth opened up, releasing the waters of the deep as the rain came down?

Was the Earth so violent, so unforgiving, so malicious, that You had no choice, but to end the carnage that had spread to every corner of the world? Was there no escape from one killing another? Had crime spread so far, been so prevalent, that no one was safe in their homes?

Children no longer went outside to play? No one traveled across the countryside to spend time away? Fear replaced the joy that was supposed to blanket the Earth You made? This wasn’t the plan. This wasn’t the plan at all.

Time to start all over again.

But there was a glimmer of hope. There were the families of Noah and his children and their families. You kept them alive. You had mercy, You had grace on them. You wanted life to go on with people and animals. All hope was not lost.

So, where are we today, Father? Do You have any hope left for us? Do You have any grace left or has it run dry after all this time? Are You willing to give mercy because we don’t deserve Your love? Have too many of us gone too far away from where You intended us to be? Have too many people died at the hands of others while we fight over the rights to own property?

I don’t have the answers to these questions. You do. You know what’s on Your mind and what’s in Your heart. You have a choice just as much as we do.

Therefore, my Father, what do You choose to do? End our existence? Or give us all another chance to live? I can only pray we can be redeemed.

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