Lessons from Solomon

The story of Solomon is one of the most interesting in the Bible. He was the son of King David through the sin that David committed with Solomon’s mother Bathsheba. David sent her husband to die as a consequence of his desire to cover up what he’d done. The first son of Bathsheba’s union with … Continue reading

He Prays

Jesus once told the Jews that did not believe in Him: “You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world.” It is an interesting picture Jesus painted to the ones who did not want Him. Someone who is standing on an elevated place can see a lot more than someone … Continue reading

God’s Gifts

Wondrously, God’s gifts come in all styles and sizes. Yes, mini gifts up to gigantic gifts. Spiritual, mental and material gifts, oh my. We are to be grateful for each blessing that the Lord sends our way. Ah, the miracle of childbirth -- the moments when new lives enter the ranks of … Continue reading


The other day I consulted my good friend Google about the characteristics of a good father, and it led me to some interesting sites. One site, for example, had the following to say: "A father should be a rock of strength to his children. He should provide a place of safety, so the child can fully … Continue reading


The loads get heavy - Tears rain down our cheeks What do we do? Call upon the Comforter, the Holy Spirit Questions arise in our dilemmas - What do we do? Seek answers from the Comforter, the Spirit of truth Blessings visit us - What do we do? Give thanks to the Comforter, the Holy … Continue reading